Limonite Malaysia Sdn Bhd was registered in Malaysia on the 23rd of April 2010.

Limonite Malaysia Sdn Bhd was given the approval to import Limonite from Japan by the Department of Veterinarian Services (DVS) on the 20th of Nov 2009.

Limonite Malaysia Sdn Bhd core business is to market Limonite Mineral to the Malaysian market.

Limonite Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the Sole distributor ...... Read More

We are marketing and distributing Limonite Mineral for the following category:

Live Stock

Luxlife is excellent in Live stock farming especially in Pig Farming. Limonite re moves Hydrogen Sulphide Gas . ...[ read more ]

Small Animals

Touch Me heals skin problems where veterinarians are even bafelled of its healing values. Limonite is known to absorb ammonia which is harmful to pets. ...[ read more ]

Inner Spa

VOR helps eliminate body odour and also helps people to lose weight as it increases their metabolism. It is rich in minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Sodium which. ...[ read more ]

Water Treatment

Green Day is a specially formu lat ed Limonite Mineral designed to treat contaminated water. Bacteria (microbes) exist in rivers, lakes and ponds. ...[ read more ]