Limonite for Human (VOR)


VOR Inner SPA is a health food supplement made from Natural TETSU mineral. Natural Limonite makes up to 70% of this mineral which is continuously emerging from underground spring water. This spring water is full of bivalent iron hydroxide, which is easily absorbed by the human digestive system.

VOR Inner SPA is full of natural Iron that is healthy for the internal digestive system. Limonite which is the main ingredient of VOR Inner SPA comes from Mt Aso, a huge caldera which was formed thousands of years ago. It is rich in minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Sodium which are beneficial to our body. It absorbs toxins such as ammonia from our body thus eliminating body odor. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or artificial fragrances.

Consumers of VOR Inner SPA are happy with the product. Testimonies from them indicate that they have signs of improvement in their health such as constipation, shortness of breath and stress. It eliminates body odor and also helps people to lose weight as it increases metabolism. Lack of iron in our body promotes bad health. Taking natural TETSU mineral, helps increase our level of iron which is needed for a healthylife.

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The Role of Natural Iron in Our Body

Iron Is an Intergral Component of a Diverse Array of Biochemical Pathways Including Hemoglobin for Oxygen Transportation.

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