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1. Touch Me
2. Touch Me Works!
3. Touch Me a Revolutionary New Pet Product
4. Touch Me Makes Pet Care Easier Pets Healtier
5. Why ?
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Touch Me

Touch Me is a remarkable new product and a breakthrough in pet care. Just scoop a tea-spoon of Touch Me on your pet's food twice daily (see table for recommended quantity) and see a significant reduction in waste odor. Touch Me promotes a healthier digestive system for your pet, provides all of the essential minerals necessary for your pet's long-term well being and virtually eliminates odor associated with digestion. Touch Me is safe, effective and 100% natural. Tested and approved by veterinarians. You will notice dramatic results immediately after the first use. Your cherished pet will enjoy extraordinary benefits from Touch Me. Touch Me is made from natural mineral called LIMONITE. This mineral is found at the foot of Mt. Aso in Southern Japan. Touch Me which is naturally organic makes it readily acceptable to pets.

200,000 years ago Mt. Aso in Southern Japan erupted in a gigantic explosion. Subsequent eruptions formed what is now the largest caldera in the world. The magma from deep within the earth mixed with plant and animal matter which formed a light mineral that is the main ingredient of Touch Me. It has been used by the farmers for centuries as a mineral supplement for their animals. The old time farmers, who lived at the foot of Mt Aso, regularly mix it with their tea and swear by its health benefits.

Organic Contents   Mineral
Moisture 13.80 %   Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) 69.080 %
Volcanic Ash 74.80 %   Phosphorus (P) 00.094 %
Carbohydrates 10.60 %   Calcium Oxide (CaO) 01.490 %
Fat00. 10 %   Magn. Oxide (MgO) 00.510 %
Protein 00.60 %   Sodium (Na) 00.015 %
      Silicic Acid (SiO2) 13.700 %
      Potassium (K) 00.200 %
      Manganese (Mn) 00.029 %
      Sulfur (S) 00.579 %
      Alum. Oxide (Al2O3) 02.760 %

Touch Me Works!

Touch Me a Revolutionary New Pet Product

Touch Me eliminates up to 80% of odors during the digestive process, even before they have had the chance to develop! This new technology eliminates odors by promoting healthy gastrointestinal and elimination of volatile aromatic compound responsible for waste odors. Touch Me is safe and natural. Result of long and thorough research, it is clinically proven to be safe for cats and dogs even during pregnancy. Touch Me does not simply disguise odor's but fights them at its source.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Touch Me contains no chemicals, artificial ingredients, preservatives or harmful additives, and it is hypoallergenic too! Choose this safe and gentle solution for the loving care of your pet.

Touch Me is rich in iron, mineral, and antioxidants, which aid in the formation of red blood cells and the prevention of anemia. This revolutionary new product has been designed to provide essential minerals to help improve metabolism and enzymatic function for your pet on a daily basis while helping to maintain and promote ideal intestinal health.

Touch Me will improve your pet's coat by preventing dry, scratchy skin, which in turn promotes a thick and glossy coat.

Touch Me is easy to use. Simply sprinkle on your pet's food(please see table). Blending easily with wet or dry food, Touch Me is mildly flavored by natural additives. Your pet will love the taste.

Touch Me works immediately(within 3 to 5 days). Scientifically proven to work after just one treatment, you will be amazed at how quickly this revolutionary new product reduces your pet's odor.

Touch Me Makes Pet Care Easier Pets Healtier

Keeps pets and their owners Healthy & Happy!

Touch Me adds shine to pets coat
Touch Me diminishes urine and feces odor up 80%.
Touch Me reduses overall body odor and breath odor
Touch Me treats many types of skin problems, rashes, dry skin, dead skin etc
Touch Me can be fed to your pet during pregnancy

Touch Me can change your pet's lives and enhance your life style as well

Touch Me promotes efficient digestion and helps maintain good health
Touch Me will help mothers produce high quality milk for their babies
Touch Me will boost the the immune system of newly born puppies and kittens
Touch Me regulates body weight and prevents obesity
Touch Me helps regulate blood pressure and reduces stress.
Touch Me helps reduce stress in your pet.
Touch Me is effective against diarrhea.

Why ?

Because you love them and you want to protect the health and well being of your pet just as you would of your own.

The revolutionary supplement - Touch Me will maintain and improve your pet's health while decreasing your pet's odor by as much as 80%.

Touch Me is tested and proven with Dr. Joseph Wakshlag of Cornell University, one of the world's most renowned Universities of Veterinary medicine. Touch Me is a dietary supplement for cats or dogs. It promotes better health, gives a good shine to their coat, reduces hair loss and treat many types of skin problems. The most obvious sign after consuming Touch me is when your pet's body odor reduces in just a few days. Touch Me is proven to remove odor from their feces and urine up to 80% through the special use of this natural mineral.

Touch Me contains ingredients that are 100% natural and it is easy to use. Simply sprinkle on wet or dry food. Touch Me is easily ingested and Mildly flavored. Fast acting Touch Me will produce results within 72 hours and you will notice reduction in bad odors during that time.

Many pets live in environments where the living surface is either paved or polluted. Pets have very little access to natural minerals even when they are outdoors.
Touch Me with natural iron as the main ingredient will enrich your pet's health and well being. Touch Me is safe to consume on a daily basis.

For Dogs

Mix with pets' food.Sprinkle on dry or wet food

Weight / tea spoon
Under 6 kg = Half tea spoon a day(approximately 3 gms)
10 – 60 kg = 1 tea spoon a day(approximately 5 gms)

For Cats

Mix with pets' food.Sprinkle on dry or wet food

Weight / tea spoon
Under 11 kg = Half tea spoon a day(approximately 3 gms)
11 – 20 kg = 1 tea spoon per day(approximately 5 gms)

How Can Limonite Help Pet Owners?

Touch Me makes pet ownership easier by increasing your pet's vitality, thereby enhancing your life.

Before & After

Before After

Before after 7 days before after 7days

Before after

Sapporo skin problem ( before )   4 weeks After feeding Touch Me ( Limonite )