Limonite for Live Stock

1. Luxlife
2. How Can Limonite Help Farmers?
3. Benefits of Limonite
4. What causes Piglets to have Diarrhea


Luxlife is suitable for livestock farming. In Japan, limonite is used especially in Pig Farming. Hydrogen Sulfide gas and Ammonia gas exist in Pigs excrement, which is one of the causes of stress in pigs. Feeding Light Mineral (Limonite) will absorb those bad gasses thus reducing stress in pigs.The liver which metabolizes toxic substance such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia do not have to work hard as bad gasses are absorbed by the introduction of Light Mineral(Limonite) to their daily feed. In order for pigs to gain weight, the body must absorb nutrition through their feed intake. Consuming Light Mineral (Limonite) will reduce stress to pigs which will help them gain weight faster.

Piglets develop resistance by consuming their mother's milk. Within 24 hours of birth, the colostrum in the mother's milk will provide strong resistance but after that, there will be a gradual decrease. From birth till the seventh day piglets post a resistance but by the 21st to the 28th day, the piglets do not have enough resistance due to lack of Iron in their body. When piglets have low resistance, diarrhoea occurs. In order for piglets to have higher resistance, Sows should be fed with Light Mineral (limonite). By consuming Light Mineral (Limonite), sows and new born piglets will have higher resistance. This will prevent the outbreak of diarrhea during this crucial time. It is recommended that Sows should be fed with Light Mineral (Limonite) 30 days before delivery.

Luxlife will also assist in the growth of livestock. Faster growth means faster returns. Pigs will be available for commercial sale on a shorter period.

How Can Limonite Help Farmers?

Benefits of Limonite

Common Problems of Hogs

What causes Piglets to have Diarrhoea

  1. Virus

  2. Food poisoning

  3. Eliminate stomach discomfort

  4. Stress

  5. Low immune system. Low resistance

Item 1,2 is treated with the medicine
Item 3,4,5 With Limonite, it will improve the environment of the pigpen

  1. Hydrogen sulfide gas and ammonia gas that occurs from pigs excrement is one of the causes of stress.

  2. Limonite intake will reduce hydrogen sulfide gas and ammonia gas which is generated from pigs excrement which will reduce the stress of the pigs.

  3. It takes over the load so that the liver function metabolizes in the toxic substance when the stress of the pig rises by hydrogen sulfide or ammonia.

  4. By eating high Mineral, the hydrogen sulfide and Ammoniac level in the pigpen is controlled. Nourishment from the feed is normalls by reducing stress and this leads to the increase of weight.