What Is Limonite?

200,000 years ago in southern Japan where Mt Aso stands, a huge eruption occurred, followed by gigantic explosions. The magma from the volcanic eruption mixed with plants and animal matter formed a Light Mineral that is the main ingredient of Touch Me, Luxlife, Green Day and VOR. Limonite is a natural mineral extracted from the ground. Limonite has been used by farmers for many years as a mineral supplement for animals and farming. The absorption power of Limonite is great as various gases and toxic substances which are harmful to animals and to the environment is absorbed naturally by the introduction of a Light Mineral called Limonite.

Limonite is a remarkable product and a breakthrough for small animals as well as livestock. Besides Limonite being used as a supplement for animals and pets, it is also being used as a desulfurization agent to adsorb hydrogen sulfide. For the past 30 years this mineral has been used in pig farming and for other livestock farming in Japan. Since multi-minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, are contained with sufficient balance, Limonite is used as a stock raising feed additive agent, as a toxin binder, as a health supplement for pets, water quality purification, for ground soil improvement and lately for human health care.

Limonite is also known as "bog iron ore", where precipitation action occurs in water that contains iron. Limonite deposits can be found at marshy places and shallow sea areas. Limonite deposits can be found all over the world but good quality limonite can only be found in these countries - France, Italy and Canada. The latest discovery of Limonite is in Japan at the foot of Mt Aso. It is currently known as the No 1 caldera in the world. It was a historical find as this mineral is of high quality where the percentage of minerals and the combination of other minerals is perfect for consumption.